Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm Review 2020

Biotique Lip Balm Review

 Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm

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Who hasn't seen the widespread-presence of the super-famous Cosmetic Brand "Biotique"?

I have been relying on this brand since years uncountable! Are you also one of the loyal customers of Biotique like me? If yes, then I assume you do understand the superior quality of its products.

Brand Biotique - A Brief Introductcion

That's right, Biotique is almost a 30-year-old cosmetic brand that has been triumphing over the Indian Cosmetics Market since then. 

It was founded by Vinita Jain in 1992. With the vision to offer people Pure Ayurvedic formula for skin and scalp healing and rejuvenation, Founder 'Vinita Jain' launched a wide array of time-tested, natural ayurvedic products. 

Biotique claims that its products are 100% natural and eco-friendly and that they don't encourage animal testing and other harmful procedure to develop its products.

Whether we talk about hair-care products, skin-care products or natural makeup, Biotique hasn't left any category unexplored! You are going to find varieties of ayurvedic products as per your skin and hair requirement under this brand name.  

Today, in this post, I'm going to give my honest review and opinion about one of its high shout-out products "Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm". I have been using this lip balm for over 6 months now. So, this review is going to be true based on my experience.

So, let's begin! 

Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm

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July 25, 2020 at 10:45 PM ×

I have heard about biotique. But never knew it was that old and ayurvedic.

August 11, 2020 at 7:51 AM ×

I didn't know before that it's ayurvedic. A good stuff indeed.