3 Things Every Woman with PCOS Should Adopt for Magical Results

3 Things Every Woman with PCOS

Should Adopt in her Life

to see Magical Results ~

3 Things Every Woman with PCOS Should Adopt for Magical Results

Food Habit Changes  Physical Activity  Stress Management

Hello everyone

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Every woman living with PCOS [Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome] including me is no different than any other human being. We women have all the right to spread our arms and fly high as much as we want to like others!

But then, why we found ourselves so left out in society? Only because we have developed this medical condition that hampers our normal ovulation and fertilization process? 

Is this reason itself so strong to make us feel so devasted all the time? 

I don't think so! Do you?

Conceiving and giving birth to a new life is a beautiful phase of everyone woman's life. 

Every woman dreams of living this phase at least once in her lifetime, I was no exception.

But, for women with PCOS, it takes a lot longer time to conceive than other women.

I had also gone through this torturous phase for almost 4 years. I was constantly kept under lots of medication, injections and follicular scans throughout this period. But the result was still a big "Zero".

These frequent failures taught me a very important lesson of life - 

There is no SHORTCUT to Success!

This sudden realization had shaken me to the core. I soon found myself remembering the words of my last Gynaecologist. She had said that "I can never conceive even with the help of IVF if I don't make some changes in lifestyle and food habits.

That was it! I immediately made some drastic changes in my life and got the fortuitous result in the form of a beautiful unborn baby in my womb within 6 to 8 months

This journey was full of failures, depression and demotivation for me and my husband.

But the "Three Changes" I made - that changed my entire world upside down in a surreal manner seemed to be worth sharing with you!

Therefore, I thought to share these "Three Changes" with all those ladies out there who are still struggling to conceive.

Those three miraculous changes are as follow:-

     1. Change in Dietary-Habits 

     2. Embracing Physical Activities 

     3. Meditation for Stress Management

My earnest request to all of you reading this post - please do follow these steps RELIGIOUSLY for at least 6 months before losing your belief.

So let's begin. ✌

1. Change in Dietary-Habits 

☀ You are what you eat 

To stay always fit and healthy, you need to have good dietary habits! 

In PCOS, you will be prescribed tons of hormone-stimulating medicines and injections to regulate your reproductive hormones and insulin levels so as to boost your ovulation. Precisely, this is the only way to bring your fluctuating hormones back to the track.

You must be following your Gyno's instruction and taking your prescribed medicines on time just like me, right?

But, mark my word - nothing is going to work if you won't feed your body with an adequate amount of essential nutrients on a daily basis!

Your doctor will never tell you that a well-planned PCOS-friendly diet is also quintessential to suppress the symptoms of PCOS along with the prescribed medicines.

I was also completely unaware of this scenario during my initial period of treatment. But I realized with the passage of time that something was not right. And what "that thing" could be - it was hard for me to figure out alone.

After almost 3 years of constant failure in conception, my last Gyno told me that I had to change my food-habits immediately.  

On the one hand, I was taking lots of medicines and injections to regulate my reproductive hormones, while, on the other hand, I was consuming refined flour, white sugar, milk, sweet products, white rice, etc  which were Nullifying the effect of those medicines Directly by elevating my insulin level and other important hormones involved in infertility treatment. 

Improper dietary habits can balance out the effect of PCOS-treating medicines without you realizing it EVER!

Sprouts, nuts, fruits, veggies, curd, eggs, fish, oats, protein powder, edible seeds, spices, etc - these are those food items that have a proven positive impact on your health and body. 

3 Things Every Woman with PCOS Should Adopt for Magical Results

Research showsdaily consumption of these food items can play a crucial role in treating PCOS symptoms. In fact, these food items can do wonders in your treatment in a matter of weeks.    

I learnt this lesson the hard way after almost wasting over 3 years of my precious life. Do you want to be the same as me? Or you want to learn something from my mistakes and take action immediately? The decision is yours to take.

I have already written a detailed post about my PCOS-friendly Diet Chart a few days back. If you check it out by clicking here - My PCOS Diet

2. Embracing Physical Activities 

☀ Your body is going to accompany you until your last breath, so invest in it before any materialistic investment   

Regular exercise/physical activity can uproot even a fatal disease like cancer if done with belief and dedication. It's not a joke! Many cases have come up from around the world proving this statement.

I'm a live example. I didn't have had any fatal disease, but I did have the so-called "incurable medical condition" PCOS. 

I had a hard time conceiving due to this medical condition... so much so that it took me almost 4 long years to get pregnant. But when I finally had a normal pregnancy, it was all because of 1 hour of regular physical activity.

Like I said before, women with PCOS take a lot longer time to conceive than women with no such condition. Because in PCOS, the abnormally-fluctuating levels of their reproductive hormones and insulin disrupt the normal process of ovulation and fertilization, thereby leading to infertility related issues.   

Several medications and injections are prescribed by Gynochaeologist in order to regulate these hormones and insulin. However, timely exercise and well-planned diet are very essential in coordination with these medications!

I have learnt this bitter lesson of life after several failures and disappointments. I wouldn't like to see you going through the same hellish road.

So here is the formula ➥ you must include 15 mins of walk, 15 mins of meditation and 30 mins of physical activity [brisk walking, jogging, yoga, cycling, aerobics, anything will do] in your daily routine no matter what happens!

Regular exercise has the power to stimulate the flow of blood to your cellular level. This helps in transferring the required amount of oxygen and essential nutrients to your tissues along with the flow of blood. Exercise can also boost up your immune system and strengthen your bone, heart and muscles. 

For women with PCOS ➥ you can't imagine how beneficial regular physical exercise can be for your treatment! It not only improves your insulin resistance and keeps your fluctuating hormones under control but also helps in improving the frequency of your menstrual cycle and ovulation. In addition, regular exercise will help you deal with weight management and depression related issue.  
I, myself, was in awe to see the result within 6 to 8 months. It was when I found out I was already 2 months pregnant. You will certainly have an auspicious day like this in your if you promise yourself to embrace 1 hour of exercise routine in your life, that's it!

If you would like to know my PCOS journey and success story, then you can click this link to switch to that post - My PCOS Story.

3. Meditation for Stress Management

☀ Your mind has the power to triumph over the world. So, control it before it starts controlling you 

Stress and Negativity these two are stubborn residents that seldom leave your mind.

They easily slip into your mind and then, gradually start killing you from within, weaken your determination, make you feel shattered and depressed, keep up away from positivity and pave your way towards failures and destruction. 

Do you know our bodies are programmed to react to stress in order to protect us from predators or wild animals? This stress-response mechanism of our bodies was very helpful in the ancient period during wild animal or enemy attacks. 

Although such threats are very rare to occur in this era, it doesn't mean our lives are free from all stress. We don't realize how minor day-to-day activities like exam preparation, bill payment, welcoming guests, throwing parties, shopping, meeting deadlines and so on give us a high level of stress.

Do you know what happens when you are under stress?

When you feel stressed due to any reasons, it stimulates Adrenal gland - which is located right above kidneys. The adrenal gland then starts releasing harmful stress hormones like Cortisol and Adrenaline in your body.

Cortisol hormone  which is also called stress hormone - disrupts the proper functioning of your body. It not only just affects your immune system, digestive system and growth processes, but also disturbs your reproductive system - not a good sign for women with PCOS

In addition, it also increases the sugar level in your bloodstream- which is again not good for our health, especially for diabetics and women with PCOS.

Adrenalin hormone  it is no different from Cortisol. As soon as it flows in your body, it elevates your heart rate and blood pressure to an unrequired level.

So, for women with PCOS, keeping your stress level always under control is the most important step to achieve success in PCOS treatment.

3 Things Every Woman with PCOS Should Adopt for Magical Results

But did u know  Meditation is considered the biggest stress-buster throughout the world?

I had also relied on meditation to cleanse my mind and body by flushing out stress and negativity. 

The first change I made in my PCOS treatment journey was embracing 15 mins of meditation every day!  

Both stress and negative thoughts can wreak havoc on your mind, body and reproductive hormones from inside, making your treatment even harder to accomplish.

However, 15 mins of meditation daily can relieve all your stress and kick out negative thoughts, leaving you and your mind all refreshed and toxic-free. 

I'm not saying this, it has been proved by researchers and doctors from across the world. This is the power of meditation. 

So, ladies, if you want your fertility treatment to go hassle-free, must find at least 15 mins of your precious time for meditation, period.


That's all for today.

I hope my post helps you in making the right choice.

Also, thanks for visiting my blog.

I would love to have you here again. 

Till then, bye-bye, take care.

Lots of love 💓

Krazyreviews ~

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Ashish Gupta
July 5, 2020 at 3:28 AM ×

Its helpful for ladies, one should know about that and well explained...

July 5, 2020 at 4:56 AM ×

It is very helpful for the women suffering from pcos

July 6, 2020 at 9:15 AM ×

Woow l didn't know about PCOS... Thank you for sharing such an important issue. As women we go through a lot and am so happy you share the light in this. Meditation has helped me so much in anxiety. Great post

July 14, 2020 at 11:49 PM ×

PCOS. I'm just seeing this for the first. I'm sure a lot of ladies are silently bearing this issue due to none awareness. I'll share this article. Well done.

July 19, 2020 at 9:10 AM ×

Diet, Physical activities, Meditation (DPM). Three methods recommended by professor Neh. I couldn't help but read through again.

July 24, 2020 at 12:48 AM ×

Meditation is a must for everyone. I see meditation as a syncing of the inner you with the environment around you.