10 STEPS every New YouTuber should follow before starting his Channel!! Steps Explained in detail

10 Important Steps 

Every New Youtuber Should Follow!!

10 STEPS every New YouTuber should follow before starting his Channel!!

 Step-By-Step Tutoria 2020l   

Hello everyone 

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Are you an aspiring Youtuber like me who wishes to triumph over the Youtube World with your impactful videos? 

If your answer is "Yes" then this post is going to help you achieve your Dream in a big way!

Myriads of hurdles kept appearing on my way when I was in the process of starting my YouTube Channel. I got scared in the beginning seeing that none of them was familiar to me. But then, I buckled up and forced my way through them by defeating them one-by-one! 

I learned them the hard way, and I am STILL LEARNING something new almost daily. It was a rough path to walk on. 

Therefore, I wouldn't want you to suffer through the same agonizing phase especially when you are trying to do something Big in your life. 

My experience may help you counter those problems in a tweak 😎

So let's begin!

Mistakes every aspiring YouTubers do!

1. In general, new YouTubers have the tendency to create YouTube accounts immediately without prior planning and clear vision.

2. They rush things so fast that they often fail to consider the importance of professional Gmail/customised Gmail for their Youtube accounts.

3. Do you know the significant role of Social Media platforms for your Blog or Youtube Channel growth-chart? However, aspiring YouTubers don't give weight to this idea and mostly feel disinterested in creating customised Ids on Social Media Platforms like - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on.

4. How quintessential 'Category or Niche Selection' is for a YouTuber or Blogger- it can't be overlooked! But the aspiring YouTubers pay less attention to choose one so that they can showcase their talent through videos in the best possible way.

5. Lastly, the most dangerous mistake almost every new YouTubers do is software selection! New YouTubers take this matter lightly and suffer later. I'm one of them! I neither chose nor commanded any software beforehand. Consequently, it takes me two whole days to create a 6-8 minute long video - total waste of time! Do you want to commit the same mistake?

To all new YouTubers, you should learn from my mistakes and try to be proactive so as to avoid any unnecessary obstacle.

To be progressive and proactive in any field, one should have a clear vision and a perfectly laid-out plan before setting out on a journey. These two Golden Rules are applicable in YouTube journey as well.

10 Steps Every New YouTuber Should Follow!

Based on my YouTube Journey, I found out that there are basically 10 crucial Steps every New YouTuber should follow before starting his/her Channel. I have explained these 10 Step in a chronological manner. They are as follow:- 

1. Field of Interest - First and foremost, must figure out your "Field of Interest" in which you would be enjoying creating videos. So, Category or Niche Selection should always be your first step!

2. Name Selection for YouTube Channel - Based on your "Niche/Category Selection", select a proper name for your Channel that can best describe the content of your channel.

3. Create a customised Gmail Account - The third step should be to create a Gmail account which will be solely dedicated to your YouTube Channel. But before that, you must choose a suitable and profession username for your Gmail account that should match both with your "Niche/Category Selection" and "Channel Name".  

4. Social Media Accounts - Nowadays, everyone stays connected to each other through Social Media Accounts, like - Facebook, Instagram, etc. In addition, it has been proved by several surveys that Social Media platforms are the best source of traffic for both Bloggers and YouTubers. Therefore, creating professional accounts on Social Media platforms is also necessary to promote your content and attract traffic. 

5. Selection of Video Editor and Image Editor - YouTube is a platform where people showcase their skills through videos. So, isn't it obvious a high-quality video will be needed? And, to create high-quality videos that can attract huge traffic, it is very crucial to choose the right kind of Video-editing and Picture-editing software. Also, fully master the inner workings of those Softwares should be our prime goal before anything.

6. Display Picture and Banner for your YouTube ChannelThis step is although not treated as important as other steps by many YouTubers, don't forget that it is your 'Display Picture' that drags people towards your channel more than any other features! So, you must design your Display Picture - that best compliments your channel's name and content - with the help of the software you chose before. 

7. Logo Design - The logo of any company remains with it till it's existence! Same goes with YouTube Logo. YouTube is kinda your business as you earn from it. So, a well-designed logo is very essential for your YouTube Channel. 

8. Intro of your YouTube ChannelJust like the trailer of a movie or daily soap, a short intro for your YouTube Channel can do wonders for your channel's growth in the long run. And that intro should be between 5 seconds to 10 seconds. Remember, a long intro annoys people. SO, keep your intro short and precise.

9. Create your YouTube ChannelAfter completing the above-mentioned steps, now is the right time to create your YouTube Channel! So, go ahead and complete the sign-up process on YouTube!

10. Upload and sequential arrangement of all stuff - This is the time to arrange your Display picture, Logo, Banner, Social Media Accounts and all necessary stuff on your channel! Done! You are all set to start your YouTube journey.


Make your YOUTUBE DEBUT now!

I wish you a seamless journey ahead..!!!

That's all for today.

I hope my post helps you in choosing the right path.

Also, thanks for visiting my blog.

I would love to have you here again. 

Till then, bye-bye, take care.

Lots of love 💓

Krazyreviews ~

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Kord Blog
July 29, 2020 at 2:35 PM ×

Yes, this is a post that everyone with blog or YouTube idea should read. We rush and it results in some failure

July 29, 2020 at 10:45 PM ×

After watching your debut YouTube videos and reading this article, I now realise how I'm unserious my attempts at YouTube videos were. Great tips and congratulations on your lovely Youtube videos.

Ajay Singh
July 30, 2020 at 6:58 PM ×

Thank you for this valuable tips its very useful for me since i am going to open my you-tube channel soon.

July 31, 2020 at 9:45 PM ×

Well explained👍 It'll be really beneficial for other Youtubers.

July 31, 2020 at 10:53 PM ×

Beside these valuable tips a youtuber should not go after views and like. They need to make their content impact full.