My PCOS story and the steps I took to combat its SYMPTOMS Head-On

Hello everyone

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I am a 32-year-old married woman, diagnosed with PCOS four years ago.

I finally mustered up the courage to share with you my PCOS story and journey.

I am an introvert person who lacks expressive skill. So, it's kinda hard for me to open up to anyone. 

But I think it might soothe my fluttering heart if I start to talk about my prolonged struggle and unexpected surprise.

I got married to a kind-hearted person at the age of 27, while he was 28 then.

There was an age gap of just 10 months between us. That might be the reason why we were literally on the same wavelength. We were very supportive of each other.

At that time, my husband worked in a reputed company as an architect, and I mostly worked from home as a freelancer. We maintained a good living standard.

My story starts after a year of our marriage when I turned 28. During that period we had barely started thinking of having a baby when I noticed that I missed my periods. 

We were so ecstatic and surprised at the same time thinking about how lucky we were that we got pregnant as soon as we discussed this matter.

But you must have heard this quote "Nothing goes as planned"
Because the same situation befell us.
We bought a pregnancy test kit in order to confirm whether we had really conceived or not. I used it twice within a period of two weeks - but unfortunately, the result was 'Negative' both time.

Those 15 days were a heart-shattering period of my life.

You would be surprised to know that my period never came after that. We waited for a whole 2 months. Then, we finally decided to consult a gynaecologist. 

The Gyno we chose was a female doctor. She asked me to run some blood tests after hearing my issue i.e. "period disappearance". 

I was unaware that those tests were done to examine my hormone levels like - Thyroid, LH, FSH, AMH, etc in order to determine if I had developed PCOS condition.

We then got a call from the hospital after a day or two of taking tests. We rushed to the hospital, collected the reports and met the Gyno once again.

It was the day of the shocking revelation. She went through my reports and said that I had both {Thyroid TSH - 6.42} and PCOS {with high LH level}.

NOTE: I have already published a detailed post on - What is PCOS? Symptoms, Causes, Diagnoisis, Treatment. You can go through it if you are interested in it.

The next moment I found myself holding a prescription with lots of weird medicine names written on it. 
That was the beginning of my "No-Pills-life" to "Full-of-Pills-Life".

Metformin, Clomifene, Folic Acid, Thyronorm and Iron supplement - all of these pills became my stable food ever since then. 

I started shedding tears the moment I heard I had been diagnosed with Thyroid and PCOS.

I had always been a healthy girl with no past medical issues. And all of a sudden, I heard I was clenched by two INCURABLE diseases - How?

My Gyno consoled me by saying that neither Thyroid nor PCOS was a disease. They were actually a kind of medical condition triggered by unhealthy lifestyle, stress and poor food habits.

After that, I was told to continue the above-mentioned medicines for next six months and keep visiting her on the third day of my period every monthso that my ovulation could be tracked and induced "if needed" in order to improve the chances of normal conception.

I had to take 5-6 pills daily to regulate my reproductive hormones and improve the ovulation process.

Metformin 500mg twice a day - It was prescribed to suppress the symptoms of PCOS and boost up the natural ovulation process.

Clomifene 100mg 1 tab daily for 5 days - It was given to stimulate the ovulation process forcefully.

Folic Acid 1 tab daily - It was prescribed to improve the quality of follicles for better conception.

Thyronorm 75 mg 1 tab daily - It was meant to keep my thyroid hormones under check.

Iron supplement - To improve blood deficiency.

Precisely, all these pills were given to help me conceive quickly. 

I started taking medicines religiously as prescribed. And, my periods finally arrived probably within 10 days of taking Primolut N [to start my periods].

I was so happy then - it couldn't be described in words. 

We again paid a visit to my Gyno on Day 11 of my first cycle and came to know that I had to go through a follicular study from Day 11 to Day 18 until I ovulate. 

The follicular study was done to track my follicles, their size, endometrial thickness and other needed stuff - in order to determine my ovulation time.

During this period of follicular study, we were told to have intercourse alternate days without fail. 

We did everything as told. I even went regularly for follicular study. My follicles and endometrial thickness - both were good. They didn't grow too good like a normal woman, but they were good enough to survive a pregnancy. 

However, the result was ZERO at the end of the cycle. We couldn't conceive - God knows why...

This process continued for whole SIX months but there was no positive result.

After six months of constant failure, my Gyno suspected that problem might lie somewhere else. She immediately asked my husband for semen analysis.

However, my husband's semen report didn't show the slightest sign of worry.

Hence, my Gyno left with only one choice - 'HSG' She wanted to conduct tube test on me in order to determine whether my fallopian tubes were blocked.

She thought that either one or both of my fallopian tubes must have some blockage. This blockage must be the reason behind this failed treatment.  

I was again taken by storm. Who knew I would have to go through a painful process once again.  

I went through this process where a thin tube was inserted through my vagina and cervix. Then, the ink-like substance was injected through it to see if the ink passed through my fallopian tubes or not. If the ink wouldn't flow smoothly - it meant my tube had a blockage. 

Fortunately, both of my tubes were clear as ink passed through them without any hindrance. In fact, my uterus and other reproductive organs were also 100% good except for lots of tiny cysts present in my ovaries - which is supposedly a normal condition for a woman with PCOS. 

Although I passed this test, it left the Gyno all confused and happy at the same time. She was happy since my tubes were clear, but what could be the reason for repeated failure - this question kept disturbing her mind.

She said that she couldn't take other measures for infertility treatment since she was a simple Gyno. Therefore she referred me to a doctor - who was an infertility expert.

Having said that, she also advised me to stick to my medications until I conceive. Simultaneously, we should keep on trying timely intercourse during ovulation days and someday we might get pregnant naturally.

In short, it was kind of her farewell speech. 

Knowing that there was no issue with my reproductive organs and my husband's semen, we planned to continue the same tracking-ovulation-and-timely-intercourse process for the next six months. And we did the same, but couldn't conceive even once.

One year had passed like this. Resultantly, we had jumped into the panic mode. 

So, we booked an appointment for a new Gyno cum Infertility expert for further treatment. 

The new Gyno seemed pretty expert in her area. She read our case-study and said that she would begin the treatment with little modifications in the medicines. 

In addition, she said that she would give me a shot of estrogen hormone in every cycle to further induce the ovulation process.

We trusted her and followed suit in a religious manner. However, the result was still - ZERO.

Her treatment continued for next 1 year.

Afterwards, she said to discontinue all medicines as they seemed to have caused severe side-effect in my body. 

To be frank, the constant consumption of clomiphene tablet for over 2 years had affected my endometrial thickness... so much so that it had stopped growing beyond 5mm no matter how many injections and pills I would take. 
5mm thickness was considered too bad for conception.

Consequently, I discontinued clomiphene and folic acid tablets at once. I was in fact told to take a break from all further treatments including follicular study for almost six months - as advised by the Gyno.

We followed her advice and stopped going to the hospital. However, we continued timely intercourse.   

But who knew that stopping clomiphene tablet would stop my periods again. Yes, my periods did come but after 3 months. 

Anyways, our effort failed due to my irregular periods.

2.5 years had passed like this. It had mentally devasted us. 

We were almost at the verge of giving up when my friend advised her to meet a new Gyno who had 30+ years of experience in this field.

As a last resort, we met the Gyno my friend had advised. But, we were shocked to see how old she was! She was almost 55 or 58-year-old woman.

She took our case in her hands and told me one thing bluntly - improve your lifestyle or give up your dream of getting pregnant.

Her hurtful words had pierced my heart badly, making me leave her immediately. But my husband signalled me to remain calm and let him talk to her.

He asked her to explain everything in simple words.

She then said that she would take a patient for infertility treatment only if the patient's body was good enough to respond to her treatment. But my body was clearly not ready. 

She asked me to follow a few steps for the next 6 months before coming over again. Those steps were:- 
  • Brisk walk for at least 30 mins
  • Meditation for at least 10 mins
  • Other abdomen-related exercises for at least 20 mins 
In addition, she said that apart from physical exercises, try to stay happy and eat only those things that could positively contribute to your health, such as - seeds, dry fruits, vegetable, fruits, curd, paneer, whole grains, eggs, fish, meat and so on.

She also asked me to stop the intake of milk, refined flour, sugar and some other items to keep my insulin level under control.

Proper blood circulation was needed in my body to reactivate my reproductive hormones.

Her final words were - come after six months if you succeed in following all these steps. At that time, I'll begin the IUI process. 

I didn't know much about IUI back then, but I had heard about IVF. 

Anyways, all I knew at that moment was I had just come to a Gyno after a break of six months and I was again told to take a break of further six months - Ridiculous, wasn't it?

Since I had no choice left, I followed her each and every word devotedly for the subsequent six months. 

After six months, we again visited her and she began the treatment. 

She prescribed me lots of pills and injections to make my body ready for the IUI process.

Then again, lots of pills, a regular follicular story from day 10, timely injections and other related measures were taken to improve my endometrial thickness and follicle size.  

You would be surprised to know that none of them worked. My endometrial thickness didn't cross 5.2 or 5.4mm. On top of that my follicle had also stopped responding. Even after 4-5 hormonal injections, all it could grow was 17mm in size- that was all.

My Gyno couldn't even begin the IUI process because of poor results.

After three months of continuous failure, she refused further treatment and asked me to go on a break once again for some time - as my body had stopped responding owing to several hormonal injections and medicines.  

I and my husband were so frustrated that day we returned home without talking to each other.

My husband said seeing my depressed face that we should stop this treatment and adopt a baby now. 

My husband never taunted me or humiliated me for this. He instead always supported me and would always ask me to keep patience and believe in yourself. 

However, his words shook me from inside. I understood that he didn't want to see me tortured and depressed anymore. Therefore he said so.

But I wasn't ready. I said that - we wasted 3 years and 6 months in this treatment. So, let's take 1 year more before adopting a baby.  

My plan was to put my all effort one last time. 

After saying that, I left my freelance job completely and devoted full time to improve my overall mental and physical health.

I changed my lifestyle and food habits completely!
It was the last time I was trying to conceive and for that, I really had to give my all. So I started adopting many good habits that were essential for women with PCOS, like -

😇 I used to walk 5000 steps daily at home as I didn't like going out alone.
😇 My meditation time was 10-15 mins daily.
😇 I used to do other physical exercises for at least 30 mins daily.
😇 I changed my food habits completely.
😇 I added lots of fruits, veggies, dry fruits, seeds, curd, egg, flakes, whole grain, sprout, paneer, spices, etc, in my daily diet.
😇 I completely stopped taking milk and replaced white sugar with jaggery powder and honey.
😇 I even stopped consuming refined flour, baked items and fried items.

After five months, on 7th June, 2020 -  both of us went directly to a famous IVF hospital for IVF instead of wasting time in IUI.

I can't forget this day ever! 

On 7th June, 2020 - we met an IVF expert, a female doctor.

The IVF expert we met in the new hospital on 7th June said after glancing through my files that she needed to perform a transvaginal scan to check my endometrial thickness before giving her diagnosis. 

She was shocked to hear that I was on clomiphene for over 2 years. It was because Clomiphene is supposed to be taken for a maximum of 12 months in a patient's lifetime treatment.

According to her, she might have to perform Hysteroscopic surgery to fix my endometrial thickness in case it had been destroyed owing to over-medication.

I was feeling so depressed and shattered at that time... so much so that I was almost determined that I had to go through hysteroscopic surgery no matter what. 

I accepted the transvaginal scan and went to the ultrasound room.

She followed me and pushed the transducer into my vagina. 

And the next sentence burst out of her mouth was - you should gift me sweets.

And I was like - What? Sweets? For what? Is my endometrial thickness fine and I don't need any surgery? I fired a lot of questions at her.

And in response, she said - you are pregnant. You are almost 2 months pregnant.


We went there for IVF treatment, but I was already pregnant...

All of my efforts, exercise, meditation, walk, sacrifices -  everything had helped me together in conceiving.

My husband was thunderstruck to hear this news. 

Finally, something good had happened to us after 4 years of struggle.

What steps I followed to defeat PCOS symptoms -  I'll share with you in detail in the next post.  

I hope my story inspires you in any way.

Thanks for visiting my blog

Lots of love~




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Ajay Singh
June 11, 2020 at 6:28 PM ×

Very well written article

July 16, 2020 at 1:12 AM ×

Wow. This should be published for more expectant mothers to read great job

July 17, 2020 at 12:32 AM ×

Your experience would be beneficial to others who are facing same situation.

July 17, 2020 at 9:14 AM ×

Oh my! I truly felt your pain reading your trauma, but felt so happy in the end as you were able to get pregnant. I definitely will share this post in my Facebook account and page because so many women are passing through this experience. Great job.

Kord Blog
July 21, 2020 at 10:34 AM ×

This is something people should take seriously even though that’s not the case. This is an example of how hard work pays off!