Miniso's Cute Table Organizer/Storage Box that can CUTIFY your space l Miniso Review 2020

Miniso Review 2020 - Miniso's Cute Table Organizer/Storage Box

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IF YOU are a student, a mom or someone who works from home, and IF YOU are looking for some stuff to organize your study/office table - then this post is going to prove useful to you.

Miniso's Cute Table Organizer/Storage Box  Review 2020

I am a full-time blogger and gonna-be a YouTuber soon. 

I work from home, and so I have converted a room into my office. 

So, it's only natural that I would spend 8 or more hours daily on the study table in front of my laptop. 

But one day I noticed that my table always ended up all messy and cluttered as lots of stuff continued to accumulate on it throughout my working hours.

This necessitated this requirement of a small storage box or basket where I could dump all of my sundries.

Miniso's Cute Table Organizer/Storage Box Review 2020
Miniso Table Storage Organizer

So, I started exploring on the internet when I came across a cute, little storage box on Amazon's website

That little table storage box was from the big business house "Miniso". 

[NOTE: Miniso ↠ You must have heard its name by now. It's is a Japan-based designer brand which was co-founded by Mr Miyake Junya {Japanese designer} and Mr Ye Guofu {Chinese young entrepreneur} in Japan in 2013. I have already shared a review about Miniso and its story of inception in one of my previous posts. If you want to read more about it, you can visit this link - Miniso in a nutshell.]

Miniso's table storage box is available on Amazon at Rs. 500 only. 

Despite being a little pricey, it's very cute and attractive. That was the reason why I couldn't stop myself from placing the order. 

Here is that cutie pie:-

Miniso's Cute Table Organizer/Storage Box Review 2020

⭐ Name: Miniso Table Storage Bucket 

Price: ₹500/-

Search Result

Web results₹

Availability: on Amazon India

Material: PP [Polypropylene]

⭐ Size: Around 7 inches tall

⭐ Color: Pink, Blue and White 

⭐ Weight: Light [probably 200gm]

Usage: It can be kept in the kitchen or on the table for storing sundries.

The one I received is light-pink in color. 

It's cute! It's small! It's beautiful! It's super functional!

Here is the link of the product in case you want to check it out:-

I can't work in a messy room or on a cluttered office table. 

Therefore, I bought it and placed it on my office table to store lots of little things - things that kept my table cluttered all the time - such as lip balm, pocket mirror, fitness band, chewing gums, inhaler, debit card, and so on. 😆

My Opinion about Miniso Table Organizer/Table Storage:-

I have been using this little storage box for 15 days now, but it didn't disappoint me. Like I said before, I use it on my office table to keep my table beautiful and well-organized all the time. 

Miniso's Cute Table Organizer/Storage Box Review 2020

About Miniso storage box

✔️ It is made up of sturdy plastic material that won't let it break even if it falls from your hand.

✔️ It has a semi-transparent flip-cover that opens and closes smoothly with a little push of your thumb or finger. 

✔️ It's not heavy... it would be probably just 200 gm at most. 

✔️ It looks tiny, but the fact is, you can store many little things in it I'm telling this based on my experience.

Miniso's Cute Table Organizer/Storage Box Review 2020

✔️ You can also keep it in the kitchen to store miscellaneous stuff like - tea bags, coffee sachets, candies, etc

✔️ These storage boxes are available in three colors "light-pink, light-blue and white ", but you can't choose the color as the supplier send any random piece as per the availability.

✔️ Believe me, it worths investing money as it adds beauty to your study table or kitchen - wherever you place it. Actually, it attracts everyone eyes because of its uniqueness and cute look.

Miniso's Cute Table Organizer/Storage Box Review 2020Miniso's Cute Table Organizer/Storage Box Review 2020

But I would also like to highlight two points that I found as its drawback:- 

  • ❌ It's best suited for a student or a woman working from home. But, I don't think a guy is gonna like it as it looks little girlish or childish. 😅
  • ❌ It's very functional, but it could have been a little cheaper than its original price. In my opinion, such a little plastic box doesn't justify its price. 
If I ignore its price, then this Miniso storage box is the best table organizer I ever chose!

But I'm still satisfied since I desperately wanted it even though I knew it was being sold at an exorbitant price. 

Apart from the above two points, I don't think there is any negative point you can point out after using it.

There was one more cute variant of Miniso Storage Box available on Amazon, but I missed it. It went out of stock before me realizing. You can check it here:-

I'm really a huge fan of Miniso as they offer a wide variety of high-quality products at a reasonable rate.

I have purchased a lot of Miniso's products recently like perfumes, deodorants, lipsticks, bags, etc - that's how obsessed I am for Miniso. 

Also, I have reviewed a lot of Miniso's products earlier, such as - Miniso Hydro Glossy Lipstick, Miniso Perfume for Men and Miniso Perfume for Women in my previous post. You can check them out if you want to 😁

That's all for today.

I hope my post helps you in some way.

Thanks for visiting my blog 🙏

Lots of love 😘


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I am a fan of buying miniso products too ❤❤ love it 😍

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Nice product to buy

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Very intresting review..

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I love your balanced and honest review of products. As a blogger, you've inspired me to give product review a trial. Keep up the good job.

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It's cute. I'm not surprised you loved it too. You know, mothers are very tidy people. We fathers wouldn't mind a mimiso container but should have a rugged look.