The DIET I Followed during PCOS treatment that helped me get pregnant within 6-8 months l PCOS Diet 2020

My PCOS DIET which helped me get Pregnant - Breakdown in 2020

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My PCOS DIET - 2020


The sweetest moment in a woman's life comes when she gets pregnant. The pregnancy changes her entire life in a natural manner without her realizing... so much so that... 

🌸 She starts to love herself and her body even more than ever.

🌸 She starts to give special attention to her body and its requirement - as if her life is on line.

🌸 She even sometimes chooses to abandon her career or passion to grow a new life inside her. 

Such a beautiful 🌺 thing pregnancy is for every woman!

PCOS Diet 2020

However, getting pregnant is not as easy for some women as it is for others.

I am talking about 'Women with PCOS'.

Note: PCOS [Polycystic Ovary Syndrome] is not a disease. It's a syndrome or a set of symptoms that causes hormonal imbalances and infertility-related issues in women during their reproductive years. To know more about PCOS, you can visit my previous article - What is PCOS?

I was one of YOU

Being a PCOS sufferer, I think nobody can understand better than me the excruciating pain a woman with PCOS feels every day while waiting to get any positive result.

I had also waited for almost 4 years to conceive. I had also gone through tons of medical procedures, medications, injections, follicular scan and appointments - just to get pregnant. Getting pregnant had become a distant dream for me.
It had been killing me almost every day during these past 4 years until I finally received the positive news of "Surprise Pregnancy".

Since I have shared the same pain as you, I can understand how devasted you would be feeling now if you haven't succeeded in getting pregnant yet.

Therefore, I decided to write down the diet chart that has helped me miraculously in dealing with PCOS and subsequently getting pregnant.

Why a Diet Chart is important for Women with PCOS?

PCOS is a common health condition which disrupts the normal flow of hormones in a woman's body and subsequently affects the proper functioning of her ovaries, reproductive hormones and other reproductive organs - consequently leads to untimely ovulation, irregular periods and infertility-related problems.

Therefore, a well-planned healthy diet is very crucial for women with PCOS to suppress the symptoms / negative impacts of PCOS.  

Only then, her menstrual cycle can be regulated successfully. 

If a well laid-out diet chart could help me win over PCOS, it can obviously do the same for you too.

So, my earnest request is to follow my diet chart for at least 6 months or so "RELIGIOUSLY" before losing your hope.

Something About Me

Before starting off, I would like to share two things about me:-
     🔺 I was not obese ever. My height is 5'2'' and my weight is somewhere between 50-51 kgs.
     🔺 I have a sweet tooth. In fact, I can survive without eating salty foods.
     🔺 I have only one addiction and that is 'milk tea' 😅

Since my weight was under control, my Gyno was never worried about it. She only suggested me to cut off my high sugar intake on an urgent basis. 

My Diet Chart

After over 3 years of constant failure in infertility treatment, I eventually prepared a PCOS Diet Chart. For this, I went through numerous research reports, Doctors' articles, PCOS-focussed forums, and numerous other reliable sources before laying out a well-planned PCOS Diet Chart.

Like everyone, I also planned my Diet Chart that was easy to follow for months.

My Diet Chart includes three big mealsone small meal and two drink break throughout the day. They are divided below:-

      Morning Snacks  [Tea break]
       Breakfast  [big meal]
       Afternoon Snacks  [Protein break]
       Lunch  [big meal]
       Evening Snacks  [small meal]
       Dinner  [big meal]

➤ Morning Snacks TEA BREAK
Time - 6:30 AM 
Right after leaving my bed and having my thyroid medicine, the first thing I need every day is - 1 cup of milk tea with 1 oats biscuit.

➤ Breakfast BIG MEAL

Time - between 8 to 9 AM

In breakfast, I would either have :

  (1) 1 large-sized banana and a bowlful of curd, oats, flakes and seeds.
  (2) 1 large-sized banana and 2 brown bread with 1 egg-omelette

As for the bowlful of curd with other stuff, I am going to list down everything that I used to mix with a half cup of curd (approx. 10 teaspoons) :-
    4 teaspoon Ragi Flakes
    4 teaspoon Bajra Flakes
    4 teaspoon rolled oats
    2 teaspoon chia seeds
    2 teaspoon pumpkin seeds
    2 teaspoon sunflower seeds
    2 teaspoon watermelon seeds
    2 teaspoon flax seeds powder
    with either 1 pinch of rock salt or 1 teaspoon jaggery. 

PCOS Diet 2020

Afternoon Snacks ➤ PROTEIN BREAK

Time - 12 PM

1/2 cup milk with 2 teaspoon protein powder and a handful of roasted peanut.

➤ Lunch ➤ BIG MEAL

Time - between 1 to 2 PM

In Lunch, I used to have :

(1) 1 cup of curd with 1 teaspoon honey.
(2) A plateful of at least four types of chopped fruits.
(3) 1 chopped cucumber.
(4) 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon powder with water.

I love all kind of fruits, such as - mangoes, papaya, pineapple, watermelon, musk melon, grapes, litchi, guava, orange, etc.

It is quintessential for every woman living with PCOS to incorporate at least FIVE fruits into your meal DAILY. So, it was my habit to buy a large quantity of at least 5-6 types of fruits for a whole week consumption. This way, I would keep changing varieties of fruits on a weekly basis.

Cinnamon powder is highly recommended to women with PCOS as it reduced insulin resistance in women with PCOS.

Evening Snacks SMALL MEAL
Time - 5:30 PM

1 cup of milk tea, half cup sprouts and a handful of nuts. 

Sprouts include - 4 teaspoons of green gram and 4 teaspoons of black gram.

 Nuts include - 5 soaked almonds, 4 cashews, 4 pistachios, 4 walnuts, 4 dates and 1 teaspoon of black raisins.

 Dinner ➤ BIG MEAL

Time - between 8 to 9 PM

In dinner, I would either have:

  (1) 1 wheat chapati, 1 paneer-stuffed paratha, 1 bowl daal, 1 veggie and some salads.
  (2) Brown rice with paneer cubes, 1 bowl daal, 1 veggie and some salads.

 Salads include - carrot, capsicum, tomatoes and broccoli. (It changes as per availability)


With the addition of fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, flakes, protein powder, sprouts and others, I had planned my diet in such a way - so that I could absorb all kinds of nutrients needed regularly to curb the negative impact of PCOS.  

We shouldn't forget that - PCOS is all about hormonal imbalance.

In PCOS, the insulin doesn't function the way it is supposed to. It rises crazily the moment we eat sweet or processed food. Resultantly, this affects the reproductive hormones (like Estrogen and Progesterone) of a woman and subsequently leads to infertility.

Thus, in order to improve PCOS related symptoms, it is suggested to keep your blood sugar level always under control. Some foods can worsen PCOS condition without you realizing. It is therefore important to follow a well-tested diet chart that improves your condition with each passing day.  

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains are loaded with tons of nutritional value like - protein, fibre, antioxidants, vitamins, zinc, calcium, magnesium and healthy fats - which are essential for improving PCOS condition. Their daily consumption can cause a positive effect on insulin level and improvement in the reproductive hormone levels.

That's all I have to say today.

I hope my PCOS Diet Chart helps you achieve a positive result.

My best wishes to you.

Also, Thanks for visiting my blog.

Love you all.


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