Healthiest Breakfast For PCOS - Ragi Flakes and other Millet Flakes - A Complete Guide 2020

BEST PCOS DIET → RAGI Flakes and MILLET Flakes → Honest Review by a woman with PCOS 

Left : Ragi Flakes     ↕     Right : Mixed Millet Flakes

Hello Friends ~

Welcome to my blog "KrazyReviews" once again 😊

Being a PCOS sufferer, I know how quintessential timely diet, proper exercise and a stress-free life are for women with PCOS. That's why I thought to share with you a hand-picked breakfast that has the power to suppress the negative effect of PCOS.

You must have heard this line somewhere in your life - Eat Healthy Be Healthy.

That's right! Eating healthy starts right from the very first meal of your day, and that is - your Breakfast.

How important wheat, barley, ragi, millet and other whole grains are for our health and body, it's already well-proven worldwide. So, it doesn't need any explanation.

But I know there will be just a handful of people who start their day with a bowl full of nutrients. Because healthy food is ought to be boring and tasteless, right?

If we talk about women with PCOS, the first thing that hits our mind is a proper diet. In fact, each meal of our day should be well-chosen and full of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in order to balance out PCOS's adverse effect → as said by doctors.

So today, I'm going to highlight the miraculous benefits of the old grains "Millets". We are well-aware of the high nutritious value of millets. But we still fail to incorporate them into our stable diet. Am I right?

In this post, I have explained the following points to establish the superiority of Mixed Millets flakes over others:- 

         1. What is PCOS
         2. Food and PCOS -  directly proportional
         3. Nutrients important for women with PCOS
         4. Millets - benefits and nutritional value.
         5. How to incorporate Ragi and Millet Flakes in the diet naturally

1. What is PCOS? 

In simple words, PCOS - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is not a disease. It's a syndrome or a set of symptoms that causes hormonal imbalances and infertility-related issues in women during their reproductive years. 

However, it is an untreatable condition. Since the exact cause of PCOS is unknown, so the exact treatment that can uproot it completely is also unclear.   

[Note: I have already shared a detailed post dedicated to PCOS a few months back. So, you can click here - "What is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome" if you want to know more about causes, symptoms and treatment of PCOS]

2. Food and PCOS - directly proportional

Food and PCOS are directly proportional to each other. Yes, you heard it right. 

A timely flow of balanced nutrition in your body streamlines the unwanted fluctuation of reproductive hormones in your body. 

Therefore, especially for women with PCOS, a well-planned diet is quintessential to reduce and suppress the negative impact and symptoms of PCOS. 

Thanks to the internet, people are getting more and more aware of nutritional diet these days. Consequently, they are shifting from junk food to fruits, nuts, seeds and flakes of their own free will. This is a good sign, don't you agree?

3. Nutrients important for women with PCOS

Food rich in fibre is highly recommended to women with PCOS. And, millets are naturally loaded with high fibre content. So, you can kickstart your day with a bowlful of crunchy millet flakes as these flakes are healthier than any other breakfast alternatives.

In addition, it is very important for women with PCOS to keep their insulin level in check. We should know that the increased level of insulin disrupts the required flow of various reproductive hormones in our bodies. 

You would be surprised to know that Millets are considered a good source of magnesium. And what does magnesium do? It helps in regulating insulin level in a human's body. Isn't it amazing?

Apart from fibre and magnesium, calcium, iron, protein, vitamins and other nutrients are also needed to maintain a healthy mind and body. Interestingly, millets are loaded with so many nutrients that you could ever imagine. 

4. Millets - benefits and nutritional value

With the increasing health awareness among people across the world, there has been a significant upsurge in the demand for healthy grains and cereals. 

As for millets, they are already considered a superfood throughout the world because of its off-the-charts nutritional value. 

No wonder millets have risen to popularity so fast and thereby become people's first choice to meet their daily nutritional requirements over the past few years.

Healthiest Breakfast For PCOS - Ragi Flakes and Millet Flakes

Even the researches couldn't help but embrace the miraculous health benefits of the old grains - millets.

Healthiest Breakfast For PCOS - Ragi Flakes and Millet Flakes
What is millet?

Millets are a group of super-nutritious and gluten-free whole grains which are widely used for human consumption and animal's fodder in both Asia and Africa. 

Types of millets

Ragi [finger millet], Jowar  [sorghum], foxtail millet, Bajra  [Pearl millet], Little millet and many other grains are various types of millets grown since ages.

These grains are packed with all kinds of nutrients such as - protein, antioxidants, fibre, Vitamin A and B, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium and others. 

They have numerous health benefits, so much so that they help in lower blood sugar level and cholesterol in a natural way.

Because of their incredible nutritional value, these whole grains must be added in our stable diet.

Healthiest Breakfast For PCOS - Ragi Flakes and Millet Flakes
Benefits of Millets

⚪ They are a rich source of good carbohydrate which keeps us full and satisfied for a long time.

⚪ They are also good for digestion since they are high-fibre content grains. 

⚪ Since millets are gluten-free and have high-fibre content, they play a crucial role in preventing and treating many health issues like cholesterol and diabetes. 

⚪ They can be regarded as the best option for weight management as they don't add unnecessary calories to your body. Also, they don't let us feel hungry for hours.

⚪ They provide us with a significant amount of magnesium - which helps in regulating insulin level in our bodies. 

You can now see that millets are so beneficial for common people on various levels, let alone women with PCOS. These are like an ELIXIR for us.

The one I'm having these days daily in the morning is Pristine's flakes. They are affordable and best in quality. You can check it out by clicking on the link below:-

5. How to incorporate Ragi and Millet Flakes in your diet naturally

Now that you all are aware of the inexplicable health benefits of the whole grain "Millets", I assume you must be thinking of adding millets to your diet chart now. 

Am I right? 

Based on my experience, I know incorporating millet flakes into your diet is just a decision away. All you have to do is make a decision that you are going to have millets in your meal "in any form" from now onwards! That's all! 

I'm a working woman. I hardly get enough time to spend with my family after getting back home from work, not to mention cooking dishes in the morning. 

There are a plethora of ways to include millets in your diet chart, such as - millet chapatis, idli, pulav and so on. But a good amount of time is needed to prepare such delicious dishes.

Therefore, I rather prefer ready-to-eat yet healthy breakfast during weekdays. And in the regime to maintain healthy food intake irrespective of office life, Ragi Flakes, Bajra Flakes and other millet flakes top my list.

Healthiest Breakfast For PCOS - Ragi Flakes and Millet Flakes
My bowl of mixed millet flakes, seeds and nuts

All I do is take a bowl of curd. Then, I add all the millet flakes and instant oats along with various seeds [like - chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds] and nuts [like - almond, cashew, walnut, black raisins and dates] in that bowl. Then I pour a teaspoon of honey and give it a good stir. And T-A-D-A ~ my breakfast is ready in minutes. 😇

You can also try this recipe. Trust me, the bowl of flakes with curd and honey tastes so good that you would forget pizzas and burgers. 

You can also add a pinch of salt in the curd instead of honey if you don't like sweet dishes. For me, both are equally delicious. So, I try both sweet and salty version as per my mood.

By the way, I'll assume that you guys already know that women with PCOS have to refrain from consuming milk. 

Therefore, I'm suggesting you take a bowl of curd with millet flakes in place of milk. Adding curd to your meal will enhance the nutritional value of your diet to an inconceivable extent.

We believe - "Healthy foods are boring and tasteless". That's not true. Try this recipe once and I bet you won't regret it. 😁

Closing Note:

Like me, there are many women with PCOS who have been planning a complete transition in their lives for some time. But they fail to choose the right path. 

This article is for all those ladies. My earnest request is to believe in yourself. 👍

A woman's mind is more powerful than that of man's. We can do anything once we set our mind to something. PCOS is no exception. It is not a big deal. It can be kept under control by making a few lifestyles and food changes. 

Now is the right time. Take a step and change your life!

Start right from your breakfast. A little change in your diet can give you an astounding result in a month.

So what are you waiting for?

I hope my article inspires you to make some solid changes in your life.

Thanks for bearing with me.
Take good care of yourself from now on.


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Good info mam for health...Thank u for sharing this

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Thankx for sharing great knowledge with us.

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I agree with you, Neh, women are more powerful than men. Your breakfast bowl of cereals look so yummy.

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I love the voice in your article. There's a calmness in your that makes me want to keep reading. Nutty breakfast. Sounds like a real yummy affair.