Top 7 Best Oil Dispensers available in India, on Amazon l 2020 l A detailed review

Best Glass and Steel OIL DISPENSER available in India l 2020 l Honest Review

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Today, I'm going to share with you the "Best Oil Dispenser/Pourer" available in India in a detailed manner.

Precisely, there is a wide array of oil dispenser available in the market to choose from, such as - glass oil bottles, steel oil bottles, plastic oil bottles and others. This gives us a hard time picking the right one for us out of thousands.

That's why I'm here to help you out in making the right choice. 

Best Oil Dispenser available in India, on Amazon l 2020 l
Wide Varieties of Oil Dispensers

As we all know how harmful a plastic product can be for us in the long run, let alone using a plastic container for storing cooking essentials. So, it's my sincere request to all of you that either use steel or glass containers for storing edible products

Like many people out there, I'm also in favour of "Say No To Plastic". Are you?

I'm going to divide this whole subject into two parts:-

          1. Types of Oil Dispenser available in market

          2. Seven Best Oil Dispenser Brands available on Amazon in India

So, let's begin exploring this topic in detail.

1. Types of Oil Dispenser available in market

  • {1} Sleek and Tall Glass Oil Dispenser
  • {2} Jug-shaped Glass Oil Dispenser with a Handle
  • {3} Steel-made Plain Oil Dispenser
  • {4} Steel-made Oil Dispenser with a see-through glass window 
  • {5} Steel-made Oil Dispenser with a handle

Nowadays, the awareness level of people is rising remarkably with each passing day, thanks to the internet. Therefore, people are switching from plastic oil dispensers to either glass or steel one in the light of the health benefits.

This triggered the popularity of both Glass and Steel containers at an insane speed. As a result, different varieties of oil dispensers were manufactured and made available in the market to satisfy people's growing neet. 

After research, I finally discovered five major and much-demanded types of oil dispensers available in India, on Amazon:-

{1} Sleek and Tall Oil Dispenser - These elegant glass oil bottles are designed to be sleek and tall in design. And, the sleekness of these bottles gives us a good grip on it, eliminating the chances of any slippage.

Best Oil Dispenser available in India, on Amazon l 2020
Treo 1000ml
Best Oil Dispenser available in India, on Amazon l 2020
Femora 500ml 

These bottles come with a narrow spout and a unique cap to open and close. Both spout and cap are either made up of plastic or silicon. 

The narrow opening of the bottle makes pouring absolutely easy and mess-free. It in facts minimizes the wastage of oil while pouring and renders the user full control over the bottle. 

Best Oil Dispenser available in India, on Amazon l 2020
Treo 500ml
In addition, the oil doesn't drip on the kitchen slab or bottle while pouring because of its unique design. 


This is personally my favourite kind of oil bottles as they are not only very utilitarian but also look very classy in the 

However, the only demerit I find in it is difficulty in cleaning this bottle since it has a very narrow mouth/opening. Inserting bottle brush in it always gives me a hard time. Otherwise, this is the best oil bottles! 

{2} Jug-shaped Glass Oil Dispenser with a Handle - The second category - which is highly in demand because of its distinctive look - is the jug-shaped glass oil bottle with a handle and a cap.

The handle serves as a good grip to hold the glass bottle, and the cap is the best way to maintain the hygiene of the oil. 

Best Oil Dispenser available in India, on Amazon l 2020
Femora 650ml
The jug-shaped build of these bottles is designed to enhance the functionality of oil dispensers apart from giving it a classier look. 

This might be the reason why I found many positive reviews on the internet directly highlighting the ease in pouring oil due to the handle. 

Best Oil Dispenser available in India, on Amazon l 2020
Home Centre 400ml

Wonderchef 650ml
Furthermore, this category of oil bottles also guarantees minimum oil wastage and no oil dripping on the surface while pouring because of its peculiar design.

No wonder the exquisite look of this bottle adds a classy look to your modern kitchen.

However, you will find glass handles with food-grade plastic caps in some brands. While in others, they provide plastic-made handle and protective cap.

If you are planning to buy this category of oil bottle, must pay attention to the material of their handles and caps.

{3} Plain Steel-made Oil Dispenser - The most durable and unbreakable kind of oil dispenser is undoubtedly this one! It is made up of stainless steel from top to bottom, including its cap.

As we all know that stainless steel is considered the best quality of containers for storing oil and other edible products.

In addition, the greatest advantage of choosing steel-made oil pourer is its durability as it doesn't break even if it slips from your hand.

In short, you don't have to be very careful while using it as it won't break 😁

As for its features, it has a wide mouth which facilitates us to refill or clean the bottle without extra care and effort. 

Regarding its nozzle, the steel oil pourers come with a narrow plastic nozzle that gives you a controlled discharge of oil as per requirement.

Since it is made up of steel, it decreases the chances of slippage.

As for its shortcoming, the only thing I found annoying is its complete steel body. This prevents us from seeing the level of oil during refill.

Overall, it can be regarded as a good investment in the name of kitchen improvement and health promotion. 

{4} Plain Steel-made Oil Dispenser with a See-Through Window - This category of oil dispensers is totally the same as the plain steel-made oil dispenser explained above, with just a minor difference. 

And what's that difference? 

This lovable steel bottle has a small see-through glass window - either around its neck area or at the bottom.

This additional feature gives this oil pourer an extra edge over the previous one. 

The small see-through window is very useful as it allows us to keep track of the oil level without any hassle.

With this little upgradation, this category of oil bottle has wiped out the only disadvantage the plain steel-made oil dispenser had in the third category. 

Pigeon 1000ml

As for the remaining functional features, all of them are also promised by this category.

Such as, it also has a narrow plastic nozzle to facilitate smooth pouring, minimize spillage and ensure a controlled flow of oil as per each user's requirement.

It fits in your hand perfectly and gives you complete freedom while using it.

I would prefer this one over the one explained in the third category.  

{5} Steel-made Oil Dispenser with a handle - This is the last category of oil dispenser I found quite famous among netizens.

Like the third and the fourth category, this steel-made oil pourer has all the essential physical characteristics, such as - a narrow plastic nozzle, a small see-through window and a steel cap.

This bottle also makes oil pouring, cleaning, refilling and gripping quite easier to the user.

It also supports minimal oil wastage and spillage.

So what makes it different from the above two categories?

It is its "handle". It also has a jug-shaped design - like the glass oil pourer - but with a steel handle.

In my opinion, this category of steel oil dispenser is far better than the previous two categories of steel oil bottles. And the reason is it has both "a see-through window" and "a handle", making it more functional than others. 

2. Seven Best Oil Dispenser Brand available on Amazon India

  •  Treo
  •  Femora
  •  Wonderchef
  •  Home Centre
  •  Signoraware
  •  Baskety
  •  Pigeon
After several days of research, I eventually found the top seven brands of Oil Dispensers available on Amazon in India - that have earned both positive reviews and trust from the netizens because of their extraordinary product quality.  

🔶 Treo 

✔️ It falls in the first category of Oil Dispenser - sleek and tall glass bottle.
✔️ This one is personally my favourite. 
✔️ The beautifully designed square-shaped oil bottles come in three capacity - 350ml, 500ml and 1000 ml. So, you can choose one as per your requirement.
✔️ It is an ergonomically designed and reusable glass bottle.
✔️ It has a food-grade silicone nozzle and a unique button to open and close
✔️ It makes easier and controlled pouring and no over-spilling.

I have added the link in case you would like to check out the product:-

🔶 Femora

✔️ It falls in the first and the second category of Oil Dispenser.
✔️ It is made up of borosilicate glass which is considered microwave safe. 
✔️ It comes in two sizes - 500ml and 650ml capacity
✔️ It claims to be leak-proof, spill-proof and supports easy cleaning because of its wide mouth.
✔️ Since it has borosilicate glass, its price is somewhat on the higher side.

🔶 Wonderchef

✔️ It falls in the 2nd category of Oil Dispenser - Jug-shaped glass oil bottle
✔️ It's an eco-friendly and reusable glass bottle with a food-grade plastic cap.
✔️ It comes in just one size -  650ml
✔️ It facilitates no over spilling and oil controlled pouring because of its special spout design.

🔶 Home Centre

✔️ It falls in the 1st and 2nd category of Oil Dispenser.
✔️ It comes in various sizes - 350ml, 400ml, 500ml and 1000ml.
✔️ They offer high-quality glass bottles in various sizes and shapes to meet everyone's need.
✔️ It supports easy pouring, no spillage and no oil wastage.
✔️ Home centre also provides a steel stand with the bottle.
✔️ This brand has a large varieties of oil pourers to choose from.

🔶 Signoraware

✔️ It falls in the 2nd category of Oil Dispenser - jug-shaped oil bottle.
✔️ This reusable glass oil bottle comes in two sizes - 660ml and 1000ml.
✔️ Like others, it is a spill-proof oil bottle with a food-grade plastic cap.
✔️ It's affordable in comparison to other brands.
✔️ Rest features are the same as described in the jug-shaped oil dispenser.

🔶 Baskety
✔️ It falls in the 1st, 2nd and 4th category of Oil Dispenser.
✔️ It comes in various sizes - 300ml, 500ml, 600ml.

✔️ It seems to be the perfect copy of Treo, Femora and wonderchef, but has earned people's trust because of its good quality. 
✔️ It promises everything like other brands do - no over-spilling, no oil-wastage, affordable, eco-friendly, reusable and so on.

🔶 Pigeon
✔️ It falls in the 4th category of Oil Dispenser - steel-made Oil Dispenser with a see-through window
✔️ This oil dispenser comes from an established business house "Pigeon".
✔️ It is made up of stainless steel that adds a stylish look to your kitchen.
✔️ It comes in only one size - 1000ml.
✔️ Its sharp finish and slim look have made it quite attractive among netizens.
✔️ It has all those features that other good brands support like - easy pouring and so on.
✔️ It claims that their oil bottles are corrosion and stain proof. 

Apart from these seven brands, there is one more brand which I would like to mention. It is not as popular as these seven. However, it offers a large variety of oil pourers at an affordable rate. You can check it out here:-

That's all for today.

I hope my post was able to resolve all your queries related to oil dispensers.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for supporting me.
If you like my effort, please visit again 😀

Lots of love ~ 😘


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Perfect shopping goods...

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Great review. Plastics have turned out to be a menace in our time. But one issue with glass is the fact that it breaks. So, based on this, steel has an advantage over glass

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July 19, 2020 at 2:09 AM ×

These materials look awesome. Moreover, I don’t like plastics and I like something that makes my life easier.

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Great article. Yes, 'say no to plastic'.

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Steel all the way. I love steel containers.