Best 2 Miniso Perfumes for Men in India - Classic Royal Baron and Forest - Miniso Perfume Review 2020

Honest Review of 2 Miniso Perfumes for Men in India - 'Classic Royal Baron' and 'Forest'

Miniso Perfumes for Men - Classic Royal Baron and Forest - Miniso Review 2020

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Perfumes and deodorants have been an integral part of our lives these days... so much so that everyone likes to wear perfume before stepping out of their house - irrespective of their age and gender. Do you agree?

You would be surprised to know that perfumes have been in vogue since ancient times, but its popularity suddenly skyrocketed over the past few years.

Like many perfume lovers, my husband is also fond of perfumes. He has a large collection of perfumes of various brands in his closet.

Recently, we stumbled upon a new brand that had a wide array of appealing yet affordable products including perfumes.  We are so mesmerized by their fragrances that we instantly bought their FOUR perfumes - two perfumes for men and two for women. 

Miniso Perfumes for Men - Classic Royal Baron and Forest - Miniso Review 2020

The brand I am talking about is Miniso. It is one of the fast-rising brands which was jointly founded by a Japanese designer and a Chinese entrepreneur in 2013. 

This Japan-based Japanese-Chinese brand surprisingly has large varieties of top-notch products with a not-so-high price tag... but it still failed to reach the masses. 

NOTE: I have already posted a detailed review of Brand Miniso and the story of its inception in my previous post "Miniso Hydro Glossy Lipstick - Review & Swatches [2020]"

You can check it out that post if you are either interested in Miniso or Miniso's lipstick. Here is the link  The Brand "Miniso" - in a nutshell

I was a little sceptical while buying these perfumes because of their low price. 
But I later realize that I was wrong. They all are good, long-lasting perfumes with great fragrance.

However, I'm going to share my honest opinion about ONLY two Miniso perfumes today in this post:-

            1. Miniso Forest Perfume for men
            2. Miniso Classic Royal Baron Perfume for men

So, let's begin.

1. Miniso Forest Perfume for Men

The first men's perfume I'm going to review is Forest for Man. 

Packaging - It comes in a transparent glass bottle with a black plastic cap. 

The quality of the glass seems tough as if it can easily handle the shock of sudden fall from the hand. 

Quantity - It's a small 50ml bottle that looks so cute in the hand.

Miniso Perfumes for Men - Classic Royal Baron and Forest - Miniso Review 2020Miniso Perfumes for Men - Classic Royal Baron and Forest - Miniso Review 2020
Fragrance - To all mild-fragrance lovers - Miniso perfume 'Forest for Man' is gonna be the option for you!


It's because 'Perfume Forest' has a sweet and mild fragrance that lingers around you all day long. 😍

To be frank, sometimes I spray it on my clothes so that a whiff of heavenly aroma keeps hitting my nose throughout the day. 😆

If you are into strong fragrance, then please don't go for it. It would certainly disappoint you. As for me, I can't stand a strong smell. Therefore, I like this one because of its soft lingering aroma.

Price - I paid merely 400 Indian bucks for this lovely bottle of fragrant perfume.

Longevity - Like I said before, its sweet aroma lingers around me ALL Day LONG. 

Additional Feature - The transparent glass bottle enables you keep track of the remaining perfume so that you can rebuy it if required.

Negative Point - So far, neither I nor my husband found any negative points about it except that it has a soft/mild fragrance.

2. Miniso Classic Royal Baron Perfume for Men

I must say that 'Classic Royal Baron - Eau De Parfum' is just the opposite of 'Forest for Man' in terms of its fragrance.

Packaging - It also comes in a black-coloured glass bottle with a white glass cap. 

To me, the quality of this glass bottle looks far superior to the previous one.

Quantity - However, it's even smaller than the 'Forest for Man' as it comes with a 40ml capacity.

Miniso Perfumes for Men - Classic Royal Baron and Forest - Miniso Review 2020Miniso Perfumes for Men - Classic Royal Baron and Forest - Miniso Review 2020

Miniso Perfumes for Men - Classic Royal Baron and Forest - Miniso Review 2020

Fragrance - Single spray of this perfume will be enough for a day! Such a strong fragrance this perfume has! 

Classic Royal Baron is the best perfume for those men who like strong scent around them all the time. It's hard but it's not irritating. And you are hearing this from me - who dislikes strong perfumes.

Price - I paid around 500 Indian bucks for this classy bottle of perfume.

Longevity - I have noticed that a strong fragrance stays around my husband's body even after 8 to 10 hours. And I'm not lying! So, you can guess from this. 

Additional Feature - I think it adds a classy look to your perfume collection because of its royal packaging. 

Negative Point - It really has a strong smell that sticks to your body all day. So, don't buy it if you are looking for mild perfume.

That's all for today.

In my next post, I'll be reviewing the other two perfumes of Miniso.
So, stay tune 😇

I hope my post helped you to some extent.
Thanks for visiting my blog

Love you all 😘


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June 26, 2020 at 3:33 AM ×

Very helpful and informative

Ashish Gupta
June 30, 2020 at 3:54 AM ×

Its best article I wanna buy one of them...

July 17, 2020 at 8:55 AM ×

Lovely shot at men's perfume choice. A perfume that lingers all day long is worth the money. A soft lingering smell is my kind if perfume.

Kord Blog
July 21, 2020 at 10:05 AM ×

This is a good review, unfortunately I am not a perfume lover. But, I know who loves them! I will tell them to give it a shot