Jaggery is the best sugar alternative - Jaggery for PCOS - Can we eat jaggery in PCOS?

Benefits of Jaggery/Jaggery powder for everyone as well as Women with PCOS 

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I know there must be numerous questions related to the benefits of jaggery bubbling in your mind at the moment, right? Such as - What is jaggery? Why jaggery is considered the best alternative to processed sugar? Is jaggery safe for women with PCOS? And so on. 

If so, then you are in the right place! 👍 

Jaggery is the best sugar alternative - Jaggery for PCOS - Can we eat jaggery in PCOS?
Organic India - Jaggery Powder 

All these puzzling questions were also swirling in my mind some time ago.

Consequently, I consulted my gynaecologist in this regard during my general check-up and squeezed all the required information out of her. 

However, you know how stubborn a human mind can be sometimes. I couldn't help but find myself sitting in front of my laptop, totally absorbed in deep research. 

I did really long research online and read through various forums thoroughly until I found my all queries resolved to my satisfaction.

Interestingly, I found many highlighting similarities between what my gynaecologist had said and data gathered after deep online research.

Finally, I thought to bring all the necessary information I gathered over a period of time to you.

So, in today's post, you guys are going to find the appropriate answers to all the questions mentioned below:- 

        1. What is jaggery/jaggery powder?

        2. Process of production of jaggery
        3. Health benefits of jaggery
        4. Why jaggery is the best alternative to refined sugar?
        5. Is jaggery safe for women with PCOS?

So, let's begin.

1. What is jaggery/jaggery powder?

Jaggery is a natural nutritious sweetener which is called "Gur" in Hindi, in India. 

It is extracted from sugarcane just like white sugar and is a concentrated or solid form of sugarcane juice. It usually varies from golden brown to dark brown in color, and is mostly consumed in some of the countries of Asia and America. 

Jaggery is made by boiling sugarcane juice until it thickens and solidifies. It is also called as a healthier and better version of unprocessed sugar since it is produced without removing molasses and crystals. 

Jaggery contains up to 50% sucrose, 20% invert sugar, 20% moisture and remaining is made up of other insoluble matter, such as protein and fibre - as per Wikipedia 

Jaggery is the best sugar alternative - Jaggery for PCOS - Can we eat jaggery in PCOS?

Although jaggery can be made from other sources like the date palm and coconut sap, the one prepared from sugarcane juice is extensively used and quite popular in India.

Other than beverages, jaggery or jaggery powder is also used in several Indian desserts like Kheer, Halwa, Sweets as well as several baking items, such as cake and cookies.

2. Process of Production 

Involvement of a lot of time and effort was needed to obtain jaggery in old times until all types of equipment involved in the production became power-driven. 

Now, the process of preparation of jaggery involves only three steps - EXTRACTION, CLARIFICATION and CONCENTRATION

Jaggery is the best sugar alternative - Jaggery for PCOS - Can we eat jaggery in PCOS?

All three steps are explained in a detailed manner:- 

     (1) Extractionthe chopped and cleaned sugarcane is crushed in the crusher in order to extract cane juice. The extracted juice is then collected in a large container, and a certain portion of the extracted juice is shifted to a small container for heating on a furnace. The cane juice is then heated for an hour or so until the juice thickens. 

     (2) Clarification - meanwhile, some lime juice is added to the boiling cane juice so that all waste particles rise to the surface of the juice. Those waste particles are then skimmed off the top, leaving behind clean cane juice.

     (3) Concentration - The next process starts when the juice finally thickens into a golden liquid. Then, with the help of a spatula, the thick liquid is stirred continuously to see if it forms a thread-like consistency while pouring. It is considered completely thickened when it ends up forming many threads. At this stage, the thick liquid is transferred to a shallow flat-bottomed container to let it cool and solidify. After the liquid cools down, it becomes semi-solid jaggery which is later moulded into various shapes. 

As for how jaggery powder is made from the jaggery block - it involves just a simple step. The obtained jaggery is dried in the sun to reduce the moisture content. Afterwards, the dried-up jaggery is ground into the desired sizes which may vary between coarse, medium and fine powder. Then, the jaggery powder is packed into packets, all set to reach the market for us

3. Health Benefits of Jaggery

The golden-brown Jaggery has myriads of health benefits, automatically making it a "superfood" worldwide.

Despite going through several processes during its preparation, the super-nutritious jaggery still holds numerous nutrients and minerals that the processed white sugar doesn't. 

Jaggery is the best sugar alternative - Jaggery for PCOS - Can we eat jaggery in PCOS?
Jaggery - Nutritional Value Chart

Since jaggery is prepared organically - with no involvement of chemicals that could have stripped away all-natural nutrients of the end product - it ends up retaining many nutrients and minerals, such as - iron, vitamins, zinc, calcium, potassium, magnesium and so on. 

Some of the benefits are mentioned below:-

✔️ A healthy alternative to sugar - Jaggery is prepared without the separation of molasses, hence making it a delicious yet healthy sweetener and the best sugar substitute.

✔️ Low Glycemix Index - Jaggery has a well-balanced sugar content, making itt a healthy sweetener with a low Glycemic Index.

✔️ Good for detoxification - Jaggery can do wonders when it comes to detoxification of the body. It is a good, natural body cleanser that flushes out harmful toxic substances from the liver, thus making it a good source of detoxification.

✔️ Boosts immunity - Jaggery is a rich source of many antioxidants and nutrients like selenium and zinc. These nutrients strengthen our body, prevent free radical damage and improve resistance against several diseases.

✔️ Blood purification - Jaggery is regarded as a good source of blood purification because a moderate and daily consumption of it helps in cleansing the blood, leaving your body pure and healthy.

✔️ Relieves menstrual cramp - It has been seen that jaggery is quite effective in relieving menstrual pains since it is loaded with many essential nutrients which are good for regulating the menstrual cycle.

✔️ Prevents anaemia -  Jaggery contains a significant amount of iron. So, it's a natural source of iron for those people who are suffering from iron deficiency/anaemia. 

✔️ Natural medicine for cold and cough - It has also proved quite effective in cough and cold as it protects the lungs from toxic pollutants. Actually, it produces heat in the body that helps our body fight with cold and cough related issues.

✔️ Prevents constipation issues - Jaggery activates digestive enzymes in the body, resulting into bowel movement and thus relieves constipation related issues. So, moderate consumption of jaggery is advised on a regular daily to smoothen the digestion process.

✔️ Prevents arthritis - Last but not the least, jaggery also plays a major role in preventing arthritis and relieving joint pains by strengthening the bones.

4. Why jaggery is the best alternative to refined sugar?

Like I said before, both sugar and jaggery are extracted from sugarcane. However, there is a significant difference between the process of production. And this major difference makes jaggery a healthy replacement for sugar as well as as other artificial sweeteners.  

As we know that jaggery doesn't involve any chemical processing during its production, so it retains all healthy nutrients and minerals that sugarcane juice originally has before extraction. 

Jaggery is the best sugar alternative - Jaggery for PCOS - Can we eat jaggery in PCOS?

Whereas, as the name suggests, refined or processed sugar goes through several harsh chemical processes during its preparation. Therefore, it loses most of its nutrients. To be precise, refined sugar/processed sugar/white sugar contains zero nutritional value. It is nothing but loads of calories, PERIOD.

Having said that, whether it is a jaggery block or jaggery powder - it's now clear that jaggery retains all natural properties of sugarcane since it isn't processed chemically like "white processed sugar", thus making it the best alternative to white sugar.

5. Is jaggery safe for women with PCOS?

            {1}  Women diagnosed with PCOS use to have high insulin resistance. Also, it has been seen that PCOS and obesity often go hand in hand. Losing weight is often difficult for women with PCOS and weight gain can aggravate their symptoms. This shows that they are basically trapped in a vicious cycle. And studies show that consumption of artificial sugar is an easy way to gain weight. 

👍 Therefore, women with PCOS are advised to consume low Glycemic Index foods as they are slower to raise a person's blood sugar level than foods with a high Glycemic Index. And, jaggery is already a low Glycemic Index food/sweetener. So, it is advisable for PCOS patient to include jaggery in their diet but in a moderate quantity.

           {2}  Doctors and dieticians say that women with PCOS should consume natural sugar like fruits, dates, jaggery, honey instead of artificial or processed sugar. It's because the consumption of artificial or processed sugar can worsen their condition and make losing weight process even more difficult for them. 

👍 Jaggery is a natural sweetener that doesn't involve any chemicals. This makes it a healthier option to satisfy the sweet craving for women with PCOS.

            {3}  According to an expert dietician Dr Rupali Dutta, a person can take six spoons of sugar irrespective of whether it is processed or unprocessed. 

👍 Jaggery does provide you with many health benefits, such as it enhances metabolism, boosts immunity, relieves menstrual cramps, purifies blood and so on. However,  it can do wonders ONLY IF it is taken in moderation.

             {4}  Low haemoglobin level is often recorded in women with PCOS. This condition is called anaemia. Anaemia doesn't only make you feel tired and frustrated all the time, it may also lead to hair loss and other problems. 

👍 We know that jaggery is considered a rich source of iron and natural iron supplement - that gets absorbed in the body way faster than iron syrup or pills.

Jaggery is the best sugar alternative - Jaggery for PCOS - Can we eat jaggery in PCOS?

Having said that, you shouldn't forget that despite being away from chemical processing, jaggery does contain carbohydrate and sugar content. There is no denying that jaggery is a healthier and more nutritious substitute to sugar, but it doesn't mean you should go overboard and start consuming it crazily. 

My opinion:- 

Being a PCOS sufferer, I know how hard it is to control your sugar craving. 

But a little change in your habit can make a huge difference in your health. 

And this little change merely involves replacing white processed sugar with jaggery powder.

Jaggery powder won't be bad to your taste buds. In fact, you would never notice you are using jaggery powder in your cake, cookies, tea, coffee and other stuff in place of refined sugar.

I was also sceptical in the beginning that jaggery powder was not gonna work for me like stevia. But I was wrong! It didn't even work, it melted in my routine as if nothing changed. 

The one I'm currently using it Organic India Jaggery Powder. You can also try it out. I have added the link here:-

That's all for today.

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