Does society affect our lives, dreams, career, passion and personality?

Does society affect our lives, dreams, career, passion and personality?? Do we really care about society and its obsolete customs?

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I'm Neha, and I would like to draw your kind attention towards the major issue prevailing in our lives with the help of this article.

In this post, you will find the answer to Four Important Questions which will surely shake you out of your stupor:-

1Does society affect our lives, dreams, career, passion and personality?
2. How Society affects us?
3. How little change can help us cope up with it?
4. And, how a little change in our attitude can bring about a remarkable change in our lives?

So, let's begin without further ado. 😊

Does Society affect our lives?

Tell me...  Who doesn't want to fulfil one's dreams and lead a happy, successful life

 Who doesn't want to be glorious in one's life

 Who doesn't want to earn name, fame and respect in society, community, city, country and world

The question is - "Who doesn't want to..."

But, isn't the answer obvious

Everyone on this planet wants to, right 😉

That's right!

However, you would be surprised to know that there is only a handful of people who live their dreams, achieve their goals and get real success in their lives, while the mass leads an ordinary life, forgetting their dreams and ambitions. 

And I know you would have no idea about the root cause of this situation.

That's why I'm here to enlighten you with my experience. 😎

The answer to this question is very simple - People give up very easily, 

I know you knew this answer, but you were too busy in your life to notice it.

I'm not a motivational speaker or Guru. Neither am I a lecturer or a counsellor. I'm just an ordinary human being who has learnt something very important in her life. And so, I thought to share it with you guys.

I have raised a very common yet crucial question in this post - what is the key to success?

Each person has their own version of the so-called "Key to Success". Some people say its hard work and some believe in action. You might have your own version of "key to success". And that's completely fine.

However, I believe there is only One Thing that can be your "Key to Success".
And those, who succeed in finding out this secret, always end up being successful in their lives.

You would now like to know what is that 'One Thing'?

Well, it's "Never Give Up Attitude".

One thing should always be clear in your mind, and that is you should never give up no matter what happens in your life.

With this note, let's move to the main subject.

1. Does society affect our lives, dreams, career, passion and personality?

Yes, it does. It does in such a way that you would have never imagined! 
However, it still goes unnoticed by most of the people. 😂

There is this thing in everyone's life which is called "Society". 

✔️ Society is made up of a group of those people who holds some level of respect in our lives. 
✔️ These people are generally your relatives, neighbours, colleagues, school mates and so on. 
✔️ These people tend to influence your life and your decisions in one way or another.  

So, it can't be denied that Society Does play an important role in everyone's life. It Does leave a great impact on our lives either directly or indirectly.

😡 It is this society that builds a concrete wall around us - that gradually begins to suffocate us, make us weak, kill our dream, murder our true personality and distract us from our true goal over the period of time. 

😡 It is this society that holds us back when we try to move further in our career and life. 

😡 It is also this society that makes fun of us during our failures or misfortunes. 

You do agree with me, don't you?

The interesting point to note is - It is our lives. 
But then, who gives this society the right to interfere in our lives? 

You know - who? It's Us. Yes, it's us. 

It is us who allow them to :- 
  ⬤ Play with our mind. 
  ⬤ Influence our lives. 
  ⬤ Interfere with our decisions.
  ⬤ Make fun of us during our failures.
  ⬤ Pity us during our misfortunes.
  ⬤ Pull us down when we try to climb up.
  ⬤ And lastly, judge us based on their set parameters.

Hence, it's a proven fact that our Society does mould our lives without us realizing.

2. How Society affects us?

Since we just agreed that Society does play a crucial role in our lives, but the question is - how? How Society affects our lives? 

You know what, you already know this answer as well. But I'll still break it down to make it easier for you to understand.

We let the words and stereotype thoughts of people affect our lives by giving up our dreams. So much so that we even try to change our personality and appearance to meet their expectation. 

● Why do we have to customize ourselves to please our society? 
● Why do we have to give up on our dreams like - becoming a singer, dancer, blogger or writer because of our society? 
● Why can't we choose our passion as our career? 
● Why are we forced to choose engineering, chartered accountancy or other fields to prove to the society? 

I don't get it. Do you?

And the most hilarious fact is - what we do in return? All we do is give up our dreams and passion to stay being a part of this society. Right? 

This attitude is wrong! Totally wrong!

Society can make and break us. But, it's us who let it happen.

If we have to prove anything to anyone, that "anyone" should never be an insignificant person who can't support you in your decisions. 

I believe that we shouldn't let them affect our mind and thoughts. 

I know you might be curious to know - how "Never Give Up Attitude" is after all related to our Society? Here comes the third question. 

3. How little change can help us cope up with it?

Never Give Up Attitude. This is the only change that can do wonders in your life once implemented correctly.

All you have to do is take an oath that you would never give up your dreams and passion.

If you have a dream, pursue it. 

Also, you should stop caring about what society thinks about you. 
You should only care about what you and your parents think about yourself. 

From today onwards, you are not allowed to discard your dream on this pretext that what people will say about it!

If you want to be a singer, then work hard to be one. 

Don't let people's words discourage you. 

Because if you do so-
✖️ You would always feel incomplete somewhere in your heart. 
✖️ You would feel that you are alive, but your soul has died long ago. 
✖️ You would feel completely destroyed sooner or later. 
✖️ And this will kill the spark of your life that keeps you moving forward. 

I believe that we should stick to our dream, passion and love no matter what people say. 

Do whatever you want, wear whatever you are comfortable with, speak in whatever language you know, eat whatever you like, pursue whatever you have dreamt of. 

But just remember one thing -  no one can force you to do anything against your will!

No one can help you but you.

Therefore, if you Yourself choose to forget your dreams and follow that path what others want you to, then don't blame God for your own failure. You would gradually see yourself falling in the same category as many people are these days.

Do you want the same future for yourself?  

I don't want such a future for myself. And I hope you guys don't want either, right?
We should respect people's comments and words, but we can't let them break us.

We have to live in the same society with them, but because of that, we can't license them to select our dreams and careers for ourselves.

So, there should be one point plan for all aspiring people - listen to everyone, but do as your heart says, not others. 

4.  How can a little change in our attitude bring about a remarkable change in our lives?

Make a strong barrier around your mind that not even a bolt of negativity can penetrate it. 

You know why it is needed? 


The people in our surrounding tend to release negative energy all the time. And this negativity influences our mind and thought process without even noticing. It directly, indirectly affects our life and decision-making power.

I know it's very difficult to ignore people's words and keep marching towards your set goal. 

But, it's more difficult to stay fixated with your dream irrespective of how tough it is to fulfil.

So, make your heart strong and take the first step towards success.

To be honest, there will be lots of hurdles in every stage of your life. But what matters the most is how you overcome them and move forward without letting them affect you.

Trust me, you can do this very easily with these two simple steps:-

● First, you will have to fight with the people around you.
● Second, you will have to fight with your own mind. 

The negativity in your mind will constantly try to pull you down by using several excuses. 

So, Beware of your Mind! 

Your mind should be always in your control. You shouldn't be in its control. Got it?

A little change has the power to shake the world. You don't trust me? Then implement it in your life and tell me your result after a month or so. 

Does Society affect our lives?

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This is my first post in the "Heart-to-Heart Talk" category, and my very first effort to bring awareness in people's lives. 

The idea to pour my heart out before you guys suddenly struck me this morning. And, I would be very delighted if my words can help you in the slightest way possible.

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July 16, 2020 at 9:19 AM ×

Ok, Neha, take it from me, you have crossed over into the realms of a motivational speaker. I see you truly poured out your heart into this topic. Great job.

July 20, 2020 at 10:16 PM ×

You are such a brilliant motivator. Keep motivating us

July 21, 2020 at 11:53 PM ×

We make the society and society reflects back on us everything we do. The society is good when everyone is good so we must play our own parts.

July 24, 2020 at 12:39 AM ×

Oblivious of what is going on around the world, if you are among a group who are good people, you may never know that the world is messed up.